Intro to Frontend Ops

Frontend development is becoming more critical as web development matures. As we grow our need for backend-like workflow tools increase. During our day-to-day site development in Drupal we all have to do repetitive tasks. Let's take the pain out of the process and focus on our actual work by learning how to utilize modern frontend automation tools.

R.E.A.D: Four steps for selecting the right modules

One of the most crucial and important steps in building any Drupal project is determing which modules to use.  When you are reviewing your functionality needs you may ask yourself:

  • Where and how can I find the modules I need?
  • Will this module I found solve my functionality needs?
  • Will I need to patch this module?
  • Should I just write my own custom module?

To quickly and correctly answer these questions, there are four simple steps you should follow. It's as simple as learning how to R.E.A.D.

Speed up your site building with Drush

Tired of monotonous site building tasks, like downloading and enabling modules, clearing the cache, and creating user accounts? Come to Speed up your site building with Drush and learn how to save hours of time on these and other common site building tasks!

How to Feed Your Drupal

Businesses and organizations run on spreadsheets.  They are easy to share, collect and organize information, and many data-rich site owners prefer them over editing content via Drupal's web interface.

Getting started with Search API

This is a brief into on Search API and Facet API with a demo on how to set it up.

I was thinking a 20-min, but I could stretch it for a 50 with a good live demo (what could possibly go wrong with that?).

Let's Learn Git

Git is a way to document changes to code or text (or code and text). It also makes it easy to explain the changes and possible to back out of them. Git can be used by solo developers or teams. It can be used to track a code project, or a novel. There is more than one git workflow, choose the one that works for you. We will talk about:

Getting Started with Vagrant

This session can work as a 20 minute introduction or a 50 minute session with more examples, demo recordings, introduction to popular provisioner and examples of one provisioner (other than shell).

Vagrant is an environment building tool than can be used by Drupal developers, site builders, Drupal core contributors, module contributors, and everyone who wants to use multiple environments for development or site building. Learn about what Vagrant is and how it can be used with Drupal and other projects.

So Sassy! An Intro to Sass and Compass

Everybody's talking about it... you know you should be using it... but you don't feel sassy enough? Don't worry! In this session we'll cover the very basics of Sass and Compass. You'll learn about Sass variables, nesting, mixins, color functions and more. You'll also learn many of the great mixins and functions provided by Compass so you can stop worrying about those silly browser prefixes and sprite map nonsense.


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