Open Social Space

The main room of the venue will be open in the evening for after-dinner sprinting and socializing, as an alternative to restaurants or crowding into a hotel room. Feel free to bring board games or other indoor activities.

Build. Launch. Run.

You can now have a 3-Stage development process and a screaming fast website without breaking the bank. Developers are happy, DevOps are happy, accounting is happy. Most of all, your website’s users are happy because they can get to the content they want quickly.

Keynote: Economics of Drupal Contribution

Scratch-your-own-itch code contributions from individuals and organizations are essential to the success of any open source project. However, these tactical contributions need to sit within a strategic vision as the project scales and grows. As we’ve seen in the Drupal 8 development cycle, strategic initiatives can be difficult to execute within a largely volunteer-based, do-ocracy culture.

Keynote: PHP for Everyone

PHP runs more than 80% of the internet. It's winning because it can do everything. PHP is used as a replacement for Perl scripts, a lightweight template engine, and a dynamic content generator. PHP is a full-featured programming language complete with Object-Oriented code and modern design patterns. From Personal Home page to PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, PHP is for everyone.

Welcome to Drupal!

This session is for people who are relatively new to Drupal and would like an orientation (or refresher) on the concepts, jargon and community involved in learning Drupal.

We’ll introduce All the Big Things at a basic level. Attendees will come away familiar with the Drupal landscape and with recommendations for specific sessions to attend to dive deeper into key concepts and particular topics.

Topics specifically covered include:

Remote Control: How to manage your distributed team’s time and get stuff done!

Distributed teams are becoming more commonplace.  As far as organizational structures go, this certainly has its advantages and disadvantages.  On the one hand it's great to get to work in your pajamas, but on the other hand, it can be hard to work together and manage a team without valuable face time.    When you work as a consultancy, time is literally money; so, it's important to schedule your team so they log enough hours to meet your billable targets.  In this session, we will discuss tools and pointers for motivating your remote team and getting the most out of their time.   


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