Why Are Clients Scared of Drupal? How to Make Clients Feel as Comfortable as a Warm Fuzzy Blanket

As members of the Drupal community, we're already comfortable with Drupal, but not everyone is -- specifically, sometimes our clients are scared of it. This talk will explore the different fears that clients might have about Drupal and how to address them -- because a comfortable client makes any project go smoother. Attendees will leave with specific strategies to help them get past this often invisible but very real project hurdle.

Responsive Images in Drupal

Images have always been an especially tricky item in responsive designs. They need to look good in a variety of screen sizes, screen resolutions and minimally impact performance. HTML5 has solved that problem with the new <picture> element, but how do we use that in Drupal? Even trickier, how do we still maintain the level of control and consistency both clients and designers expect from Drupal?

Do It! Do It Now! Record all the Sessions

I'm a huge advocate for session recordings, despite the frequent pushback I hear from fellow organizers about whether it's worth the effort.

When I was learning Drupal, digging through recordings from camps and cons was invaluable. But capturing session recordings is hard: exceedingly so. Between hardware costs, on-site logistics and post-event production, there's a ton of work involved.

Through the Looking Glass: We Must be Mad to Run a Camp

Pulling off a camp is hard work. A panel of MidCamp team leads will discuss some of the unique challenges we faced as well as take questions from the audience.

If you plan events (camps, meetups and anything in between), please join us for this informal talk and bring plenty of questions.

Around the Views in 20 minutes

Views is one of those modules that most site builders will have to use eventually.  As a relative newcomer to Drupal, I’ve found myself doing things in ways that are often harder than they have to be or finding the basic Views module lacking.  In this session, I’ll share walk through some of the features of views, some pitfalls and issues I’ve encountered, and highlight some additional modules that extend and improve Views.  This session will be focused on Views in Drupal 7. 

Disaster Recovery and You; Or how I learned to stop worrying and love The Bomb.

Disaster Recovery is a topic that is on everyone's mind, but few know what it means or how it might affect them. With larger and crazier weather on the horizon, current experience of submerged data centers, and a seeming Armageddon of situations making schemes on your data, DR planning is critical to the long term health and prosperity of any Internet-reliant business.

Making Drush Make Files

Learn how you can create a website with a single command by being introduced to Drush Make.

A make file provides a set of instructions for Drush to download a bunch of modules, themes, and even Drupal core itself and place them in a specified directory. It is a quick way to build a site.

In this session we’ll learn:

What a drush make file is, and when to use itHow to add drupal coreHow to add contrib modulesHow to add a themeHow to put the modules in a separate directoryHow to add third-party libraries in zip or tar format

In this session we will:

Intro to the ELK Stack and Diving Deep into Your Logs

Introduction to the ELK log parsing, search, and visualization stack: ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana. We will look at how to deal with Drupal and Varnish logs for large numbers of sites in a single logging solution. Exploration into the topic will include basic configuration, explanation of concepts that are not obvious from the documentation, and a few cool things that I have been able to show with my instance.

Slippery When Wet: Varnish 101

This presentation will discuss some of the benefits of using a caching tool like Varnish, show some resources on installation, walk through a configuration file and the varnish request flow, and point out a few gotchas along the way; all with a Drupal site or sites in mind.

Exposing Project Management's Scary Language: The Truth About Starting a Project

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You have been assigned a project, now what? Managing technical projects can be confusing if you don’t know where to start.

What exactly is a project and how do I keep it from running me instead of me running it? What’s this scope thing and why are people always talking about it ‘creeping’? Who are all these stakeholders and what do I do with them?

Discover the answer to these questions (and more!) in this session designed for a beginner project manager or someone who does project management on top of their day job. 


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