Have I gone mad?: A developer's guide to project management

Well-founded project management practices can help make sure that your team is working together, the client is happy, and the project is on track. Planning and executing a project can be in a job in itself, which is why many teams include a project manager. But not all teams have a project manager - perhaps you are a solo developer or work on a small team. This session will address managing projects from the perspective of a non-PM doing the project management work, the processes involved to get things done, and the tools used to support these processes.

Drupal Migrate for Beginners - Let's dip our toes!

The promise of Drupal 8 means the demise of Drupal 6!  For many, this could be a worrisome time - but fear not, Drupal Migrate to the rescue!

The session will be an introduction to D2D Migrate, the extension of the Drupal Migrate module.  We'll give a good grounding overview of the process and the modules involved in migrating your Drupal site to Drupal 7 or 8. 

In addition to the process overview, we will provide an example module to explore.  This will give attendees materials to use after the session to reniforce their learning.

Create conference or event websites!

Come learn how to create a website for a conference or other event! We will talk about registrations, paid tickets, sponsors, and more! How can I create such awesome websites? Using COD of course!

Rockin' Search Engine Optimization in Drupal

Learn how to excel in search engine optimization within your Drupal site. Covers the essential modules in a simple overview to get anyone started on SEO and Drupal.

Covers XML Sitemap, Pathauto, and the Metatag modules and its submodules.

Drupal 8 core is more multilingual than Drupal 7 with all of contrib

Almost a thousand people participated in the issues around improving multilingual features and APIs in Drupal 8 for the past three years. There are almost a thousand issues, most of which are resolved in this initiative as of this submission making Drupal 8 a truly outstanding release for everybody looking to create even single language non-English sites but especially those making multilingual sites.

Design Systems and Drupal

Modern Web design demands visual systems that ensure content is delivered to our myriad devices, from smartphones to tablets to desktop displays and beyond, in usable ways. It requires thinking in terms of content that gets presented, often in a variety of different ways, rather than simply presentation.

Everything I know about software management I learned from Fred Brooks

"The Mythical Man-month" is one of the seminal books in the field of software project management.  It was written in 1975, based on experience from the 1960s.  Is it even still relevant?

Turns out, it is.  Technology may have changed dramatically but people have not.  Managing software projects is about managing people, not bits, and creative people engaged in intellectual endeavors are notoriously hard to predict and manage.  (Just ask my project manager.)

Eating ElePHPants: Lessons learned from Drupal 8

"Big ships turn slowly", the saying goes. That's true nautically and in software. Software grows over time, and the bigger it gets the harder it is to make significant changes. When those changes are not just technical but cultural the task becomes even harder.

But harder doesn't have to mean impossible. Witness Drupal 8, which has modernized itself from a PHP 4 procedural application to a PHP 5.4 object-oriented platform. It can be done!

Building SEO-Friendly Sites with Drupal

When building sites, customers expect the site to be optimized for search engines. The good news is that Drupal is very friendly to search engines out of the box. But I will go over a number of modules, tools and best practices that you can do while building your site to make search engine optimization even better and give site administrators the tools they want to do all their SEO tweaking without modifying templates and needing FTP access, if possible.


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