Front End

Frontend development is becoming more critical as web development matures. As we grow our need for backend-like workflow tools increase. During our day-to-day site development in Drupal we all have to do repetitive tasks. Let's take the pain out of the process and focus on our actual work by learning how to utilize modern frontend automation tools.

In this talk, I plan on discussing various tools that help frontend developers stay consistent as they develop their drupal themes. I will focus primarily on gruntjs and bower, but will also briefly discuss Gulp.js, PhantomJS, PageSpeed, and CasperJS. I’ll show some small (pre-recorded) demos of the tools in action, and discuss how much you and your site will benefit from the use of these tools in your day-to-day work lives.

Updated Slides

You can watch the slides live by going to slides.com

50 minutes
Session video: