How Drupal can lead the Content-Driven Commerce Revolution

Content-Driven commerce sites are becoming more and more popular. It's becoming an effective way to drive sales by building long-term relationships with customers — effectively turning customers into readers (and vice versa). In this presentation, we'll look at things companies need to consider when adopting a content-driven commerce business strategy and why Drupal should be the platform-of-choice for Content-Driven Commerce sites. Specific topics that we will cover include:

Galera for Enterprise level DR/HA

Drupal in an Enterprise environment means that you’ll have to address the issues regarding High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR). Backups are nice, but likely won’t cut it when you have a data center or server outage on a mission critical system. How do we create a system using modern tools that will allow us to fail-over gracefully while assuring high data integrity while doing so?  

BOA non-constrictor, scalable web hosting for many-many Drupal sites on a small footprint

Hostmaster, Provision, Aegir, Octopus, Barracuda.  A god among sea creatures.Should you install Aegir?  Barracuda (BOA)?  We will discuss which tool is appropriate for the job.

We’ll cover what’s in a BOA (Barracuda, Octopus, Aegir), how to tame a BOA and why you might want to consider running with BOA as the backbone of your Drupal infrastructure. 

While there are many moving parts that make up BOA, we’ll try to cover them thoroughly, explain the pros and cons of using the provision+hostmaster approach, and cover the tools.

Stress-free Security Alert Wednesdays: How Jenkins, Pentaho and Selenium Let Me Sleep at Night

With Drupageddon and its aftershocks behind us, don’t you wish your Wednesdays were days you could actually look forward to rather than dread? We’ll show you how we’ve combined Jenkins fu, Selenium magic, drush tools and Pentaho goo to create the stress-free Wednesday Drupal auto-updater.

We’ll give a step-by-step walkthrough of the technology pieces and explain how and why we chose to combine them in this way.

Salty Minions Are Stealing My Pillars!

Python to the rescue! Yes, you heard right, Python. Saltstack and fabric are two very powerful DevOps tools that you can benefit from without having to touch Ruby! Learn how you can use salt and fabric to orchestrate a large number of servers very efficiently without having to learn yet another domain-specific language (DSL) and instead learn some good ol’ Python, which will help you in the coming world of big data and analytics and will likely land you a higher paying job by spreading your developer skills into the land of the Pythonistas.

Drupal data migrations and playing nice with third party systems using Pentaho

Drupal’s entity-aware Migrate 2 module is known as powerful tool for data migrations or synchronizations. We’ll introduce another open source tool set for those developers who are responsible for data migration, synchronizations and ETL tasks where Drupal needs to integrate smoothly with other 3rd party systems in the enterprise world. As Drupal moves further into the enterprise software market, “playing nice” and being able to integrate with other systems is critical to expanding overall acceptance of Drupal.

Atomic Drupal Development: Code By Piece, Not By Page

Atomic Drupal Development will discuss a development process based on individual components rather than the pages they fill. It walk through every step of building an individual component the Drupal way, touch on the best practices for each, and discuss how to keep them organized amongst each other.


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