Need a Better Way to Organize Your Features? Go Ask Alice.

Using Features doesn’t have to be a nightmare. This session will outline a modular approach towards deciding what code goes where in the early stages of a project. As the codebase becomes enormous, individual pieces of code remain easy to find, understand, and maintain.

On PhpSpec and Not-the-Drupal-Way: follow the black kitten through the Looking Glass

PhpSpec is a toolset for building out testable pieces of functionality strictly designed to meet (and only meet) the project requirements that you have made explicit. Identify your inputs, test your expected outputs. That's it.

Wait! Don't go.This isn't a look-at-this-cool-tool talk. This is a live identity crisis, with a demo. How do we as developers mature our skills and deliver testable, functional code while we continue to work on Drupal 7? 

A RESTful Tea Party: Drupal, RESTful, and JavaScript

Headless Drupal has been a hot topic lately, and if you're an advanced-level developer, you already know exactly what this is, and why it's useful.  On the other hand, if you're not part of this club, you're probably asking yourself WHAT IS THIS NEW THING AND WHY DO I WANT TO USE IT?

Extending Panels with CTools Plugins

Join me on a journey into developing CTools plugins for Panels! This session will cover how to get the most of your project's Panels by implementing custom CTools plugins suited for your project's needs.

  • Decsribe the concept of a plugin
  • Show how to implement custom CTools plugins
  • Identify key component types
  • Review code for several practical examples

It'll be a splendid time.

The New PHP

This talk will be an overview of concepts related to the new PHP, and how are they related to Drupal 8.

  • New Language Features.
  • Composer and packagist.
  • Interoperability and Components.
  • Frameworks & Microframeworks.
  • Community Standards, the FIG and the PSR recomendations.
  • Resources.

Off with Drupal's Head!

If you want to chop off Drupal’s head you must first determine where the neck is. That can be more difficult than playing croquet with a flamingo.


Join a lively panel discussion about the varied techniques used to implement the “headless Drupal” concept. Panel members will each bring a unique perspective on the challenges of meeting the Red Queen’s demand of “Off with Drupal’s head!”

Drupal 8 Theming

We've all been hearing about the exciting new changes to Drupal 8. There will be fancy new template engine (Twig) and a simplified theme layer. This session will show in both practical examples & on a broader base why Drupal 8 will make all themers rock while theming Drupal.

Drupal 8 Frontend for Backenders

Drupal 8 will ship with a fancy new template engine (Twig) and a simpler theme layer. In my session I’ll show you some goodies from Twig and walkthrough how to get started with it. I will also talk about what kind of problems people were having in Drupal 7 and what we’ve done to make it better. This session will show in both practical examples and on a broader scale why Drupal 8 will make peace between backenders and frontenders.

Topics include:

Using Drupal as a large-scale platform

We all know Drupal has some pinch points. But, how can you launch over 300 sites on the same Drupal platform and deal with deployment and upgrades, all without pulling your hair out?

Drupal serves as a great content management system as well as a framework. Drupal’s ability to support multiple sites off of a single code base in conjunction with it’s distribution profile capabilities make it a prime candidate for applications.

Drupal Multilingual best practices

Drupal Multilingual can be a minefield. Translation need to happen not only in nodes, your users also expect to have a translated registration page, translated mails, menues, terms and many more things. No single module fixes it all and there are a lot of approaches to fully translate a Drupal website. Some of them work, some of them don't.

I'm building Drupal multilingual sites since Drupal 5 and continue doing that with Drupal 6 and 7. Being part of the Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative I'm trying to bring in my knowledge to make Drupal 8 the best multilingual CSM in the world.


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