Drupal’s entity-aware Migrate 2 module is known as powerful tool for data migrations or synchronizations. We’ll introduce another open source tool set for those developers who are responsible for data migration, synchronizations and ETL tasks where Drupal needs to integrate smoothly with other 3rd party systems in the enterprise world. As Drupal moves further into the enterprise software market, “playing nice” and being able to integrate with other systems is critical to expanding overall acceptance of Drupal.

The ideas of modular re-use and versatility behind Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) should be very familiar to most Drupal users. We’ll introduce and demonstrate the use of PDI, which enables the user to create complex data migrations and synchronization tasks using a visual programming interface. We’ll show how we’ve successfully used this open source tool on some really complex migration tasks and how it fits into your tool chain. We’ll also cover how to orchestrate data integration jobs created in PDI via Jenkins. 

50 minutes