Aten Design Group

Digital strategy, beautiful design & open source development   

We are a team of strategists, designers and developers committed to user-centered design, open source technology like Drupal and close collaboration with our clients. We help prominent organizations tell stories that impact lives all over the world. 


The digital relationship between your business and your customers has never been more important. At Zooma, we create technology products that deliver a superior user experience.

Duo Consulting

At Duo Consulting we leverage inbound marketing, interaction design, and Drupal development to create digital marketing and collaboration platforms that drive specific, measurable results for B2B businesses. Founded in 1999, Duo is an experienced web development team. Our talented team members are committed to creating strategic solutions to address unique requirements and drive quantifiable results.


Pantheon is the website management platform top developers, marketers, and IT use to build, launch and run all their Drupal & WordPress websites.

BlackMesh Managed Services

BlackMesh is a fully managed hosting provider headquartered in Ashburn, VA - serving businesses of all sizes including government agencies, non-profit organization, development groups and large enterprise corporations. BlackMesh offers unlimited 24x7x365 support on the entire hosting solution up to your custom code, as well as advance security protection. We currently support various levels of compliance certification, from PCI to HIPAA to FISMA Low or Moderate.

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