Drupal 8
Site Building

Drupal 8 drastically improves the way Drupal manages configuration. But it won’t necessarily improve the way we work with configuration in Drupal. Improving our configuration process requires us to rethink our approach to building Drupal sites. This session will guide you through that rethinking.

I'll help you forget everything you thought you knew about how configuration works in Drupal. You'll see a version-controlled build without Features, a Drupal without a browser, and other fantastical creatures. Then we’ll look into a crystal ball and see a future Drupal where configuration works exactly how we want it to. And finally, we'll pull back the curtain and see how much of that ideal Drupal is already available, even in Drupal 7.

You’ll leave excited about how Drupal 8 improves configuration, and even more excited about how you can improve your own Drupal configuration process today.

50 minutes
Session video: