How do I get this instance of a site up and running locally? 

MAMP, WAMP and custom LAMP solutions tend to fall short when working in a team or individually. The problem is that local environments do not mimic staging and/or production environments, while cloud hosted dev environments are dependent on having a strong internet connection. 

VAMPD is an open source vagrant and chef tool that spins up a server locally that can mimic your live server. VAMPD provides easy instructions and setup, while allowing a completely flexible dev environment to fit the most complex of dev-ing environments. 

This talk looks to present the strengths of VAMPD, what can be done with VAMPD, and how VAMPD strengthens coding standard across teams and individuals. It will also run through a comparison of the other vagrant and local development solutions out there currently. 

More details on VAMPD can be found at http://vampd.io and http://github.com/vampd/vampd

20 minutes