How fast can you get all the changes to production? Theoretically, in only the time necessary to deploy the code. How often though do pushes turn into nail biting, hair pulling, obscenity screaming, hours-long events? How often does one hear, “But it works on my machine!” Nail biting, hair pulling, hour-long pushes, be gone! Let the excuse “it worked on my machine” ring no more!

It takes time to develop the tools for configuration management and CI. Switching midstream, especially for a busy development shop is hard. Let my company (through their Build Manager) share their experiences, the tools they use, and the open source tools they have developed -- all to make development and deployments easier for you!

This session will cover:<ul><li>Why configuration management and CI matter (and make your life easier)</li><li>Automated testing</li><li>How to get the process for change rolling</li><li>Tools for configuration management and CI</li></ul>

Intended Audience:<ul><li>Managers</li><li>Developers</li><li>DevOpsers</li></ul>

50 minutes