Site Building

You've built a nice selection of websites with Drupal, but as your reputation increases so do client demands. Soon the things you used to do in the UI are requiring more and more custom module development. You want to build all the things, but you're worried your forays into custom code are leading you from The Drupal Way. 

I've been down that road, and here's what I wish I knew three years ago. You can implement wierd and wonderful custom solutions while still playing nice with Drupal 7's Entity conventions and writing maintainable code. In this session we'll introduce site builders who are famiiar with Drupal, Views and writing basic modules to tools like Entity Metadata Wrappers and EntityFieldQuery. We'll also take a quick look at how we'll be doing these things in the future with Drupal 8.

If you're a site builder and finding that your projects are requiring ever-more custom code, and you're not entirely confident that you're not a writing scary, unmaintainable Drupal array mess, this is the place to be.

50 minutes
Session video: