The confused and frustrated Drupal developer often turns to the documentation on Drupal.org for clarity and insight only to find out-dated content, incorrect information, or gaping holes of unexplained or underexplained modules. After hours of experimentation, consulting with colleagues, and dozens of internet searches - the student becomes the master and the “edit” button beckons.
In an open source community we are all responsible for documentation and are encouraged to “use the edit button” when we see errors or have additional information to contribute. However, what to write, where to put it, and uncertainties about style and quality often inhibit our transformation from passive users to active contributors/editors of Drupal documentation. Its sometimes hard to figure out where one should start.This session will:
  1. Outline the current structure of Drupal documentation and how it’s organized (or sometimes disorganized)
  2. Point you to valuable resources for documentation contributors/editors and the best places to ask questions about documentation
  3. Offer great ideas on how you can help improve Drupal documentation
  4. Answer your questions about documentation and contributing to documentation
  5. Provide tips on how to write good documentation - and offer advice on how best to use your specific skills to improve documentation (not everyone is a writer)
  6. Encourage more people to take an active role in improving the documentation on Drupal.org
50 minutes
Session video: