Steven Persch

Senior Engineer and Team Lead

stevector's sessions

Rendering HTML with Drupal: Past, Present and Future

This presentation will review the mental models used in Drupal theming. For years, Drupal core has encouraged a mindset of altering and overriding its internal data structures. Developers in the Drupal 6 era created a philosophy called “sustainable theming” that relied heavily on CSS to work best with Core’s tendencies. The rapid acceleration in the wider Front-End community in recent years has brought new underlying assumptions and new ways of thinking. Expectations for how to construct Drupal sites have changed.

Off with Drupal's Head!

If you want to chop off Drupal’s head you must first determine where the neck is. That can be more difficult than playing croquet with a flamingo.


Join a lively panel discussion about the varied techniques used to implement the “headless Drupal” concept. Panel members will each bring a unique perspective on the challenges of meeting the Red Queen’s demand of “Off with Drupal’s head!”