Lisa Ridley

Solutions Architect / Sr. Developer
Promet Source
Lisa Ridley (aka "lhridley") is a PHP and mobile apps developer with 11 years development experience, specializing in Drupal and mobile development. Before working with Drupal, Lisa was writing code for software projects using Zend Framework, Symfony, Doctrine and pure PHP, and was contributing code to the MediaWiki project (the software that runs Wikipedia). She recently joined Promet Source as a Solutions Architect and Sr. Developer on the Support Services team. Prior to working as a developer, Lisa was a project manager for an employee benefits outsourcing consulting firm, working with Fortune 100 companies who outsourced their benefits administration processes. She has 15 years project management experience with technical projects. When she's not working on cool software projects, Lisa likes to cook, collect wine, shoot pool, and view the countryside from the back of her Harley.

Lhridley's session

Visual/CSS Regression Testing -- Catching the "unintended consequences" of modifying your theme

Have you ever spent hours poring over a web application when making changes to the theme, looking for the consequences of CSS style rules that are too broad?  Ever made changes to a client's website, only to find out the theming for the newly designed front page totally screwed up the formatting on the product pricing page -- after you deployed the changes?

You are not alone.